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7 Day E-Book

The 7 Day e-Book is a straight forward guide that will help you write your very own e-book in just 7 days from right now. 

I write e-books myself so I know what a great way they are to generate income, not only today but for years to come. 

In fact many online e-book authors are making upwards of $1,000 to $2,000 per week selling their own books.  These are e-books that cover topics from A-Z, for example, cooking, real estate, pregnancy, pet care, skin care, sports, you name it.

E-book authors have no printing, postage or shipping costs so each e-book sold is pure profit.  

If you've ever, even for a brief moment, thought about writing your own ebook and getting your share of the very lucrative online publishing market... writing your own e-book is a great opportunity. 


What the 7 Day E-book Is All About

Joe Vitale, a master copywriter and Jim Edwards, a syndicated newspaper columnist, have authored this powerful step-by-step guide for writing your very own e-book in just 7 days, yes seven days!  

Between the two of them they have sold literally hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ebooks and information products online -- and they lay everything out for you.  They actually hold your hand through the entire writing and online publishing process.

Joe and Jim leave nothing to chance, they assume you know nothing about writing. They cover things like:

  • The #1 Mistake authors make that causes people to take months or years to write a book. (page 63)
  • The 3 Proven methods for creating a highly profitable ebook in record time... even if you have no idea what to write about. (page 65)
  • The fastest and BEST strategy for generating thousands
    of dollars in ebook sales ...sometimes in just a few days!
    (page 92)
  • How writing about a subject you hate can actually make you
    rich! (page 25)
  • How to harness the power of your subconscious mind to
    practically write your ebook on complete "auto-pilot".
    (page 39)

... and a lot more.


What Others have said about the 7-Day E-book

Here's what just one of the famous and successful authors who have reviewed the book have to say:

"I've had great success with ebooks -- they've changed my
career, my bank account and, in general, my life.

Doing my first two would have been 10 times easier with Joe
and Jim's step-by-step information, and I would have made even
more money with this information as well.

If you're planning to write your first -- or your next --
ebook, trust me -- this is the information you've been waiting

David Garfinkel Author, "Advertising Headlines That Make You

With an endorsement like that, a 30 Day Money Back guarantee, 4 awesome bonuses and a price of $29, why put it off? 

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