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Affiliate Marketing Business

An affiliate marketing business on the internet is about effectively promoting other people's products or services for a commission of the sale. 

It's also one of the best passive income strategies you'll find.

A successful affiliate marketing business will have 5 things.

  1. A profitable niche topic
  2. Professional website/blog
  3. Quality affiliate programs To promote
  4. Quality Content
  5. Effective Promotion Strategies

1. Choosing Your Niche Topic

Find profitable niche ideas by focusing on a smaller subset of a larger market, referred to as niche marketing. By focusing on a smaller market niche your marketing efforts will be much more targeted making it easier to generate steady, consistent sales.

To help you out with this, grab my free guide for finding profitable niche ideas.

2. Creating Your Website/Blog

Success with affiliate marketing starts with creating a website around a specific niche topic, then promoting affiliate products or services that relate to or complement that niche topic.

As someone starting an affiliate marketing business you may be asking about what type of site to create, a traditional website or a blog?

Each has its own unique benefits, but your choice will be a lot about what you are trying to achieve with your site.

To help you with your decision, these are easy website builders designed for creating effective websites and for making site building easy

 3. Choosing Affiliate programs to Promote

I don't personally recommend creating an affiliate marketing business around just one product or merchant. For instance, what happens if that product or merchant goes away? You're out of business.

Always have at least 2 or more affiliate products or services related to your niche that you promote.

All successful affiliate marketers purchase the products they promote and I recommend you do the same.  

Even though it's not required to make a purchase yourself, you'll be much more effective at promoting because you'll be personally familiar with it.  To me this is essential when writing product reviews and making product comparisons, which is one of the most effective ways to promote affiliate products and services. 

There's really no substitute for experiencing a product first before trying to convince others it's worthwhile.  

Affiliate programs are free to join and offer several commission schemes, so you can earn money in several different ways.

  • Pay per sale - Affiliate is paid a set commission for sales generated from his affiliate's link.  
  • Pay Per lead - Affiliate earns a specific amount when a visitor clicks on his affiliate link taking them to the merchant site and completes a contact form with their name, address and email.  
  • Pay Per Call - This commission scheme requires a special call tracking technology but basically pays the affiliate a specific amount based on the calls they received that were referred by the affiliate.  

Some affiliate programs only provide one commission option, some provide all three; it simply depends on the program so carefully examine the options available to you.

4. Develop Quality Content

Quality content is going to be at the heart of your promotions. This means that whatever your site visitors read and experience on your site will be what helps them click over to the affiliate site and make a purchase.

Of course whether or not your visitor clicks and buys also has everything to do with how much they trust you and value your opinion.  That's where developing relationships and getting to know your visitors comes in.

In your content relate to your visitors like you know them. Make them feel like you developed the site just for them. Do that by offering them useful information, let them in on personal experiences and ideas you have. Over all, make them feel that you are the one trusted resource they can rely on for help.

Here's more on helping you develop your site content.

5. Promoting your Affiliate business

It's important to remember that the job of an affiliate marketer is not to sell, it's to promote or pre-sell, a term coined by Ken Evoy in his Affiliate Masters Course.  

That means it's the product or service owner's job to do the selling, not yoursYour job is to get the click.

For more on affiliate site creation, avoiding affiliate mistakes, effective promotional strategies, finding the best affiliate programs, and more, Rosalind Gardner's Super Affiliate Handbook has everything you need to know for profiting with your own affiliate marketing business.








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