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Article Marketing - Strategies that Bring Free Traffic

Article marketing is still one of the best marketing methods for driving free traffic to your website.  

But simply writing an article with the hope that it will automatically flood visitors to your site is a foolish notion.  

Ensure your articles draw in as much free traffic as possible by using article marketing strategies that will draw your reader in, hold their attention and give them the information or ideas they will value, find useful and will keep them interested.

1. Choose & Use A Descriptive Keyword Phrase

Part of a great article marketing strategy is having a keyword phrase that precisely pin points what your article is about.  That means summarizing your article in such a way that the keyword phrase you use to describe it is precise and exact.

Since your keyword phrase is what accurately describes your article be sure to use it in your articles' s title, description, body, closing and resource box.  

Tip:  If you create a link to your article from another source, use a text link with the main keyword phrase used in the article.

2. Craft An Attention Getting Article Title

People scan articles looking for topics of interest, so craft the title using the main topic keywords of your article.

Include your primary keyword, preferably at the start, followed by any secondary keywords and then a benefit.

Include your primary keyword, preferably at the start, followed by any secondary keywords. Give your reader a reason to actually read your article by creating a title that is specific and draws interest.

For example, an article on 'how to lose 5 pounds' is a little bland and generic, but 'how to lose 5 pounds in 3 days' is specific. It draws attention by stating you can lose 5 pounds in a specific amount of time.

Create a title that is a clear indication of what the article is about, then draw interest using specifics. 

3. Use the Pyramid Strategy

This article strategy is about giving your reader the good stuff up front.

It started with your catchy, luring headline. Next lure your reader in even further by expanding on your headline in the first paragraph. This gives the reader a taste of what the rest of your article will include.

This first paragraph should not only give your reader an accurate taste of what's they can find in the body of your article, it should have them salivating. In other words, present it in such a way that it makes them excited to continue reading.

4. Write Relevant Content

Now that you've got your reader to the body of your article, it's time to present key, relevant information. 

Your article content must include worthwhile information but at the same time should be interesting in a unique sort of way.  No one wants to read the same thing they've read a hundred times before on the web. Impress and inspire your reader with your unique ideas, tips and perspective. 

Articles that are wordy, confusing, repetitive or generic in content will lose your reader's attention and won't inspire a click through to your website.

5. Create a compelling Article Resource Box

An impressive article will encourage the reader to find out more about its author. That's where your article resource box plays a key role.

It should sound professional, contain a resource link to your site or your newsletter and contain a call to action.

Check here for article resource box examples, tips and templates.

6. Submit your articles to TOP Article Directories

Submit your articles to article directories like EzineArticles, isnare, Articledashboard and Article city to start.

If you're having trouble with new article ideas, try repurposing a few of your more popular articles by rewriting it so that it's unique to the original article.

This will give you more unique articles extending your reach to many more directories.

Use these article marketing strategies to reach the first page of the search engines for high quality keywords and great content.  That's your ticket to a steady flow of traffic which in turn will also mean more sales.

In Summary...

Learn how to write a good article, one that's useful, creative and interesting, and you'll have a powerful yet free marketing strategy that has the potential for bringing you free traffic virtually forever.

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