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Three of the Best Ways to Use Email Autoresponders

Use your email autoresponder in the most effective way possible with these tips designed to help you connect with your list more often and automatically, generate trust and help your readers look forward to each and every one of your emails. 

1. Make good Use of the Follow-Up Tool

One of the best ways to get your website visitors to sign up for your opt in email list is to offer a free product and one of my favorite free products is a tips list or free email course of some kind.

This strategy works very well with your email autoresponders follow-up tool because you can pre-load a months worth, or even a year's worth, of emails at one time.  Super easy and convenient.

If you just don't know what to send in those follow-up messages, Lisa Preston's Instant Niche Emails makes this super simple to set up and you'll find that your sales will increase as well.

2. Automate Your Customer Emails

Your existing customers can keep you pretty busy questions, so why  not automate that task?

For example, email autoresponders can help you set up a 'frequently asked questions' page on your website by allowing you to create a special FAQ email address, i.e.

This is where you can invite viewers to ask questions about your products. When a question comes in you can automate a response email that contains answers to your most common questions.

You'll still get questions that come in from customers that don't see their answers on your FAQ page but it will certainly help eliminate many of the questions and save you a bunch of time.

Autoresponders will also help you gather email addresses for your weekly newsletter if you have one. Simply set up another email address such as' that will capture email addresses through a form on your website. Now you have email addresses that you can sell to each and every week.

You can set up as many email addresses for whatever information you want your viewers to receive and your responses will all be automated.

Here's specific help on how to choose the best email autoresponder.

3. Automate your Customer Service

Here's where email autoresponders can help with order fulfillment which can also be time consuming. automating this process can help reduce the amount of error and confusion, particularly if your business is growing at a rapid pace.

Chances are you are using an order fulfillment system which is perfect but autoresponders can also smooth out the process, in particular if you sell things like e-books, software or online services.

- Use Your Email Autoresponder to Confirm Orders

When a purchase is made online, buyers need confirmation. They want to know that their order was processed successfully and that their payment was received.

You can set up your autoresponder to reply to your customers automatically for all orders you take. You can also include all the pertinent order information that you wish to send in your email as well.

- Provide shipping information

If you will be shipping your products to your customers, autoresponders can notify buyers that their products have shipped, how they were shipped and when they might expect it.

- Provide Follow-up

Customers love to get feedback on their orders so sending a follow-up message is a positive good will gesture. It's a way for you to provide a little extra customer care by following up on how your customers enjoyed their products and, most importantly, thanking them for shopping.

It's also an excellent way for you to announce new products or information so they'll think of you again next time they're shopping.

Once you've implemented a good email autoresponder into your online business, look for ways to use email autoresponders to develop your list, not just market to it.

Autoresponders are an awesome tool for building a loyal list of subscribers, but only if used in a genuine manner.

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