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How to Create a Blog 

Yes, you can learn how to create a blog in just a few easy steps and have it up and running in a few hours.

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It's not hard to learn how to create a blog, and it's cheap :-)

Blogging software is easy to use, customize, optimize and monetize.  In fact the most popular blogging platforms, such as Wordpress for example, are completely free to download and install.   

Still got questions? 

The following information will help you understand what blogs are all about and how you can easily create your own blog.


The 3 most popular blogging platforms - Blogger is a free blogging tool from Google. It's a subscription service that creates and hosts your blog. Blogger makes it easy to post text, photos and video onto your personal or team blog. There is no need to purchase a domain name or find your own hosting service, blogger does it all for you. - is also a free subscription service very similar to It also creates and hosts your blog for you and provides you with a Wordpress domain name. You simply subscribe and start creating your blog on the spot. There are no hosting fees and no domain name services to deal with. -, on the other hand, is blogging software (also free) but you must download the software to your own hosting server. To use you must purchase your own domain name as well as a hosting service.

If you're starting your own online business and want to create a serious income with a more professional looking blog, will be your best option.

Because requires a more specialized process to get set up we'll be discussing in detail how to create your blog using

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How to Create a Blog Using

There are two versions of Wordpress, and is a free subscription service that creates and hosts your blog for you, it also provides you with a Wordpress domain name.

You simply subscribe to and start creating your blog on the spot. works the same way. There are no hosting fees and no domain name services to deal with. Everything is completely free from start to finish. The only real disadvantage is that a domain name is provided for you., on the other hand, is blogging software (also free) that you download to your own hosting server.

To use you must purchase your own domain name as well as a hosting service.

I personally prefer because I like having complete control of my blog on my own domain name.  Using Wordpress. com and poses some publishing restrictions.

However don't let finding a domain name and hosting service scare you. Neither of these things is expensive and if you feel technically challenged you can find plenty of people that will set it up for you at very affordable fees.

If you choose to install yourself here's what to do:  

Find a topic for your blog

What will be the topic of your blog? 

This could be a personal blog or it could be something business related. That's up to you. Most people start blogs to make money so finding a topic that people want to know about and then promoting related product as with affiliate marketing is an ideal way to monetize your blog.

Decide on a domain name for your blog

I recommend getting your domain name through Godaddy, they are one of the securest  domain services around.  Here's more information on  choosing a domain name if you need it.

Before actually deciding on a domain name, spend time thinking about a name that accurately describes your blog as a whole.

For example, a blog about Chinese cooking should have the words 'chinese cooking' in the domain name. These might all be fine domain names:


Hosting your blog

Next, find a hosting service. This is the place where your blog will reside. You have lots of choices when it comes to choosing a web host so it's important to consider a hosting service that meets your needs, for example your budget, tools required and technical support.

I personally use Hostgator primarily because of their secure servers but also because of their responsive support. When I'm in a pinch and need help I need a service that responds immediately, not like others I've had issues with. 

Hostgator also come equipped with Fantastico, which is an application designed to make installing scripts like Wordpress, super easy.  (If your host doesn't have Fantastico, then installing Wordpress is significantly more difficult.)

(here's a link to a Hostgator coupon code)

Here's more information on choosing a web host that discusses the features and options to look for when choosing a good web host.

Customizing your blog

After you have created your blog, it's time to customize it. One of the great things about having a blog are the plug-ins. Plug-ins are small applications that you can download for free. They are the customization features of your blog.

You can install any plug-in with just a few clicks of your mouse. For example, there are plug-ins that block spam, plug-ins for search engine optimization, plug-ins for adding Google Adsense ads, plug-ins for adding content and social networking plug-ins. Whatever you want to do on your blog, there's a plug-in for it.

Monetizing your blog

Once you have your blog installed, it's time to start making money.  John Yeo's self-study course Bloggers Paycheck takes you through all the steps for profiting with your blog and doing it quickly.


Creating your Very Own Blog Really is That Easy!

If you’ve creating a blog because it seemed like too much work or you feel technically challenged, you have no more excuses. Learning how to create a blog just got easier.

Simply download this free guide and you'll have your free blog installed today.  It really is that easy :-) 

"How to Create a Self-Hosted Wordpress Blog"







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