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How to Create a Website

Lesson #6

In previous lessons we discussed choosing a domain name and choosing a web host, now it's time to  create your website.


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Creating A Website

Creating a website isn't hard, but it does require niche market research, choosing a domain name, choosing a web host and using an easy website builder that includes features and tools that will help you create a professional website that will rank well in the search engines.

Before actually creating your site, give some thought to your  website design and how you want your site to look and what categories and topics it will include.

Consider things like colors, headers, graphics, etc. Make an outline of topics and sub-topics that you will include on your site. This will ultimately determine what your navigation will contain.

Your navigation is important as this is how visitors arriving at your home page will find what they are looking for, so give them the information they need and help them easily find it.


The Components Needed For Creating A Website

Most websites follow clean organization, design and layout and web site optimization that includes the following components:  

Header - This is located at the very top of the page. Often it will include a logo or header graphic that includes the web site name.

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Info-Bar - This is a horizontal section of the page where you can insert navigation, banner graphics or Google Adsense . It sits directly below the Header.

Left Panel - Under the Header and to the left of the Main copy Panel. This is where the links to all of the important pages on a web site, as well as mailing-list sign-up forms, advertisements, etc.
Main Panel Header - Immediately above the Main Panel is the Main Panel Header.

This panel only spans the width of the main panel itself (unlike the main Header Panel, which stretches across the whole page, not just the Main Panel).

The Main Panel Header might include navigational elements, graphics, advertising or textual elements and they will all appear in this same position on every page, just above your Main Panel content.
Main Panel - Your main panel is the most important element of your web pages. This is where the body copy for your web site will be.  

Spend time on your Main Panel content and create genuine, quality content (or sourcing ready-written content of comparable quality).

The 'Pages' you create within your site are what populate the Main Panel.
Right Panel - This is the space between the Main Panel and the page margins. People often include testimonials or banner advertisements in this section. Using a right panel or even a left panel is optional.  

Many webmaster prefer a main panel with either a left or right panel, however some sites choose a right and left panel. The choice is really yours.
Page Footer - This is the section that appears immediately below the left and right columns and the main body of the page. It often includes copyright message, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions pages, etc.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies  - Getting more traffic without paying for advertising is what search engine optimization is all about. 

To get more traffic to your site you can pay for advertising, however for top ranking that is natural without paying for it, use the SEO strategies that the search engines recognize and that your readers will connect with.


Continue to Lesson #7:  Creating Content for Your Website 


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