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The Directory of Ezines

The Directory of Ezines is an actual directory of regularly updated ezines that you can advertise in to reach your targeted market, and do it for a lot less than any other online advertising.

...but DOE is really a whole lot more than that!

If you've heard of the Directory of Ezines you've probably heard of Charlie Page. Charlie is the brains behind the Directory and has worked hard to make this a quality effective resource for his members. 

Charlie realized a long time ago that to get people to buy your products or services you had to promote to targeted buyers. 

There are many ways to find targeted buyers.  Having an email list is the most popular and search engine advertising is another, but unfortunately not everyone has an email list as it takes time to build one.   

As for search engine advertising, it can be expensive.

That's where the Directory of Ezines comes in as not only an effective alternative, it's highly cost effective.

The Directory of Ezines impressive list of ezines will give you access to targeted ezines that you can place a 'solo' ad in for much more reasonable rates that any other online advertising.  It's also better than email because while having a mailing list that you can promote to is ideal, not everyone wants one. It takes traffic to build a list and you need a website to grow your list and that can take time. 

Ezine advertising is quick.  When you place your ad in an ezine it has the potential for reaching 20,000, 60,000 or even 500,000+ interested people almost immediately -- Keep in mind that these are highly targeted people. Your chances of making substantial sales just increased dramatically.

Worried about cost? Don't be. Placing a solo ad in an ezine with about 50,000 subscribers costs on average about $100 or less. That means your ad goes out to the entire mailing list for less than 100 bucks. Not too shabby for hitting a very specific audience.

The directory of ezines has over 1000 ezines to choose from that are updated regularly. Also Charlie has done all the research, he's negotiated the best prices for your advertising and he's made finding quality ezines super easy.

But the actual ezine directory is only the beginning, Charlie also includes numerous quality bonuses that are pretty impressive.  

You'll get benefits like free ad writing and free personal consulting.  Also once a week Charlie takes calls from members on anything they want to talk about; site review, advertising ideas, business ideas, joint ventures, anything at all. 

Because Charlie talks to so many people during these sessions you're limited to only 15 minutes a session, but you can always call again the next week or follow up in email, and there's no charge for any of it.

Directory Of Ezine Bonuses

  • Free Brandable Viral Reports - Charlie has rebrandable reports that are yours to keep and brand with your own affiliate links.  The reports are quality information and the branding process is simple. 
  • You can place 20 text ads right on the directory of ezines for free.  The DOE gets thousands of visitors a day and your text ads will be seen. 
  • Get a featured link to your website from the Directory of Ezines - The DOE has an Alexa ranking of 36,330. You're not likely to get such a valuable link from anywhere else with such high ranking. 
  • You can place 3 Banner ads on the DOE free classified site 
  • Post unlimited articles on DOE for free 
  • Free Website Review by Charlie - That's right, a free professional site review from Charlie. Just simply ask for it and Charlie will give you his professional opinion within the week. That's a $250 value. 
  • You get access to Charlie's Free Teleseminar about Ezine Advertising 
  • Special discount on an article written and distributed for you by Charlie. If you realize the value of article marketing Charlie offers a special discount on his article writing service where he will write a 500 word article, that he gives you the rights to.  Charlie will research your product, create an idea for an article, write the article, get your approval, and distribute the article to 20 ezines at 25,000 readers, that's 500,000 readers. 

Where else can you go and get all of this?  I certainly haven't found it.

I'm not easily impressed by internet services these days, as many of them are full of hype and severely lack in value.   However, Charlie and the Directory of Ezines has made a huge and lasting impression on me.

If you need help with making sales or if you are not where you want to be right now - then I highly recommend the Directory of Ezines.  this just might be the thing that puts you over the top.

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