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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of marketing where you send your marketing message to individuals using email. 

Using email to connect with members of your email list starts with having a specific goal in mind. Simply sending promotions to your email list in the hopes they buy something will prove ineffective, in fact that's spam. 

Email has always been and still is an awesome marketing method, but only if you use the strategies that make it effective. In fact with the right strategies you don't even need a huge list, you just need a responsive one.


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What Makes Email Effective?

Effective Email marketing is about creating a targeted email list and cultivating that list by sending them useful yet valuable information they can use.  As a serious email marketer you will also allow your readers to correspond with you freely.  

Email marketing will benefit your online business if you use effective email marketing strategies where you can build familiarity, trust and loyalty.  Doing this first will warm your readers, making them much more likely to buy from you.

Why is email marketing so popular?

There are a few reasons:

- It's a way to capture visitors that come to your site so that you can develop trusting relationships. 

- It's a way to get your visitors to come back to your site.

-It's cheap.  I chose an email autoresponder service that I pay for each month. The cost of that service is minimal compared to the benefits it offers for helping me build my subscriber list, easily composing and automating my email messages and overall managing my email marketing efforts.

- It allows you to get new messages, ideas, news and product information out to people interested in what you are about. Unlike your website where people have to come to your message.

The email Marketing Benefits

- You'll Get more sales with less traffic

The great thing about email marketing, that I most love, is you don't need tons of traffic to make sales.

The people that opt in to your email list are warm, that means they've already got an interest in what you have to offer and email marketing help you capitalize on that.

These warm visitors are the people most likely to buy, you just need to help them make that final decision, and believe me, these folks are much easier to convince than someone just visiting your website for the first time. That's the real beauty of email marketing.

- Email Marketing Establishes Customer Loyalty

People don't buy from businesses they don't trust. So helping people get to know you and your business is a key step to helping develop that trust.

Email is not about sending subscribers pushy sales letters or using pressuring sales tactics. Instead use email to share tips, educate and keep them updated on products and business changes.

Help your subscribers by giving them great free information they would appreciate. Help them also to get to know you and your business personally. If they can come to like you, they will buy from you and email can help you build that loyalty.

- Email keeps your list members coming back to your website

Writing the occasional email that notifies subscribers of new products, product changes, sales or discounts is a great way to bring them back to your website.

For example, I often write quick summary emails that notify my readers of new blog posts that I write. It's a great way of getting them to read my posts and comment on them.

Email Marketing is about Being a Responsible Marketer

Many people just getting started on the web are sometimes afraid of email marketing because they don't want to be accused of spamming.

That's understandable, but you're not a spammer if you are a responsible marketer.

Being responsible with your email marketing has everything to do with delivering your subscribers value. It's about knowing what they want and giving it to them in a manner that they find useful and helpful.

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