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Email Marketing Strategies

If  you have an email list that you market to but get very little response in the way of sales and added traffic then chances are your email marketing strategies are ineffective. 

Email marketing is so much more than simply sending out an email in hopes of getting a sale.  There are email strategies you'll need to implement before you can have a responsive audience. 

Your online business depends on using these strategies not only for building your list but connecting with them, building their trust and developing the methods that generate sales.   

8 of the most Effective eMail Marketing Strategies

 1. Focus on a 'TARGETED' market. 

Your targeted market are those people most interested in what you have to say and offer.

These are the people with their wallets in hand and ready to buy, they just need some reassurance and a little more convincing from you.

Know who your market is and what it is they want. Then compose niche emails that are directed precisely at those people, the ones ready to buy.

2. Connect you with your readers. 

Would you buy from someone you don't trust? Of course not, neither will your readers.

Through email marketing you have the chance to gain your readers' trust and they have the opportunity to become familiar with who you are, so help them with that.

Your emails must build rapport with your readers and convince them that you're a source to be trusted.

3. Use your Email messages to bring your visitors back to your website. 

Any new products, news or information you place on your website is a reason to email your list and ask them to pay your site another visit.

Don't be afraid to direct them where you want them to go. Offer them loads of useful information, not junk and create a sense of need with a firm call to action.

4. Create Compelling Email Subject lines

It's the effective email subject lines will get our readers to open and look at your emails, so they need to get attention and they need to be compelling.

A subject line that gets the most attention will often ask a question or make a statement that your target market is most interested in. Then it will demonstrate some benefit.

For example, a subject line that says 'How to lose Weight' isn't as compelling as 'How to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 days'.

Interested your reader with specific information that compels.

5. Know What You want to Offer your subscribers

Start off by offering a free gift that has quality value. An informative newsletter, weekly tips, e-course or email mini-course.

These are things that work very well to gain subscriber trust and show them you are an authority in your niche.

Provide information that is unique and helpful. Request feedback and let your readers know that you care about them as subscribers. At opt-in be sure to display a link to your privacy page as well, many visitors will not subscribe without seeing this.

6. Use a Trusted email autoresponder

I personally use and highly recommend Aweber.

Unlike autoresponders I've used in the past, I get a much better send and response rate from my readers because they are actually getting my emails. I won't get blacklisted from ISPs either.

7. Build your own Email Opt-in List

Don't buy email lists. 99% of the time you're getting trash.

Create your own opt in email list by placing an opt-in box on every page of your website (your autoresponder should have a tool that will help you with that) where it's easily seen. Studies have shown that the top right-hand side of your web page is best.

I've used both sides of the page but have found that the right side actually produces more sign-ups. Don't know why, that's just my experience.

As mentioned above, offer something of value for free that will compel visitors to sign-up. My personal favorite is to offer an email course.

A very effective hands free email marketing strategy is to set up an entire year's worth of follow-up messages. This is a 'set it and forget it' method that I personally love.

I use Instant Niche emails for this because they are effective and super easy to set up. In fact I can create a year’s worth of marketing follow up with my subscribers without having to write a single email!

The less work I have to do the better, that's why I love this product.

8. Test and test some more

When sending out emails to your list, watch for how many of your emails get opened. A good autoresponder will provide statistics for this.

If too many emails go unnoticed this might indicate that your email title is weak. That's where split testing comes in. This means you use 2 or 3 email titles to see which one works the best.

For example, if you have 500 people on your list split test by sending 50 people an email with one title and send 50 more with another title. The title that gets the most opens would be the one you use for the remaining 400 on the list.

Additionally other forms of testing can help you learn what day and time to send your emails, what topics, promotions and offers get the most clicks.

A Few Last Words...

You may have heard that email is dying marketing method.  NOT TRUE .

Email marketing helps you build trust and relationships. It give you the opportunity to provide your subscribers with useful information, and people appreciate that.

===>  Get lots more free email marketing tips for getting more subscribers and boosting your sales through email. 








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