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Find Wholesale Drop Shippers

If you've been trying to find quality wholesale drop shippers for selling on eBay or your ecommerce store, here are some tips that may help; specifically, what to look and what to stay away from.

Find A Reliable Payment Method

When you can pay your drop ship supplier via a reliable payment method, it means you have protection against them scamming you by taking your money and running.

Payment systems offered by PapPal, PayMate and Google Checkout are some of the best and most reliable.

Look for Competitive Pricing

Drop shippers must charge their retailers anywhere from US$2-US$5 per item in order to cover their costs of storing and shipping the item on your behalf, so it's important to make sure that the prices they offer will be competitive.

Look for Exceptional customer service

The Wholesale dropshipping business revolves around good customer service, just as with any business. You need to offer exceptional customer service to your customers and you should expect this same service from the drop shipper that you use.

Once you have taken your buyer's money and placed the order with your drop shipper, what happens next is 100% out of your hands, you're now dependent on your drop shipper to deliver the goods to your customer. That mean you need a supplier who appreciates timeliness in sending the item out and emailing through tracking numbers.

You can easily test out a new drop shipper by ordering from them yourself first having the item sent to your address.

Look for A clean track record. As with all suppliers, you need to make sure that your dropshipper has a clean record.

To do this, enter the URL of a supplier you are looking into. Look under 'Registration Record' and see when the site was created. If it is less than 2 years old, I would recommend you find another supplier. Don't be tempted to give them a try because they are the cheapest you can find. New suppliers are much more likely to be questionable than established ones.

Secondly, check their contact details. Look for email addresses that end with @companyname. If you are buying patio supplies from PatiosRUS for example, expect to see an email address that looks like

Don't go with dropshippers or suppliers that use free accounts such as or

It's unlikely that a reputable drop shipper will invest thousands of dollars into a wholesale business and neglect to set up proper business email accounts.

Find a drop shipper that help you grow your business. 

A good dropshipping supplier can do a lot to help you grow your dropshipping business.

Most importantly, wholesale drop shippers can help you generate more sales by providing additional services such as inserting your provided brochures, discount vouchers, thank you notes, and compliments slips.

This will personalize the items you sell and help foster a good relationship between you and your buyers.

Be sure to ask potential suppliers about whether they are able to do this for you. Many of them are more than happy to do this, as it means they will gain more sales from you in the future.

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