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Google Cash - A Way to Earn Cash Using Google AdwordsGoogle Cash

Chris Carpenter's Google Cash is a self-help guide that describes how to use Google Adwords to generate fast cash promoting affiliate programs and you can do it without a product, an email list or a website.  The whole system is laid out for you in this self-help guide.

You've probably noticed that Google pay-per-click advertising, especially for affiliate programs, has become much more competitive over the past few years.  Couple that with the Google affiliate restrictions and it makes pay-per-click advertising almost impossible.

The good news is that Chris Carpenter has developed a Google Cash system that gives you the specialized knowledge you need to use Google's PPC advertising to bring in a steady cash flow from month to month promoting affiliate products.

The Google Cash system helps you with...

  • How to find, choose and promote the best paying affiliate products and services.
  • How to promote affiliate programs without having a website
  • How to promote affiliate programs in countries and with other languages besides English (this gives you a much broader reach)

Chris will also show you how he himself makes money promoting affiliate programs with eBay. 

Google Cash breaks down the entire marketing process into 4 simple steps:

(1) how to find the best paying affiliate programs
(2) how to effectively research keywords
(3) how to write pay per click ads to best promote the affiliate programs
(4) how to track your ad campaigns.

It's all about  finding the affiliate programs with the highest profit margins and the least amount of competition and Chris helps you find them.

In addition to helping you find these profit makers Chris shows you how to write compelling ad copy and find the keywords that are so important to your ad campaigns which, if you've ever done pay-per-click advertising, you know is a very key component to ranking well and getting your ads shown in Google.

Here's what's also included with this guide:

  • Chris reveals a number of his most successful campaigns and you'll be impressed with the results.
  • You will receive downloadable Excel spreadsheets to track the number of clicks, orders, conversion ratios, sales, commission earned, advertising cost and profit margin of each campaign, very handy. 
  • Free email support from Chris Carpenter himself
  • 3 month, money-back guarantee.

Is Google Cash for You?

This is not a system that will have you earning thousands of dollars with a few clicks of your mouse.  It requires a basic understanding of how the internet works so that you can open accounts, create advertising campaigns and use an Excel spreadsheet.   All these things are actually outlined in the Google Cash guide but you have to set things up and follow the guidelines. 

This system also requires at least an hour a day for developing a working system for boosting your profits. There are no promises of riches here and if you can't follow directions and devote the time needed, Google Cash may not be for you.

Google Cash 3rd Edition is now available:

Format: Downloadable ebook (PDF file)
Require: Adobe Acrobat Reader ( free version is ok)
Pages: 87
Cost: $67

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