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Make Money With Your Hobby

To make money with your hobby costs very little. It can also can be fun, easy and financially rewarding.

If  your hobby is something you love and have a passion for, you probably know a thing or two about it, so why not use that knowledge and love you have for your hobby to build an online income? 

If you're willing to share what you know, people will pay money for it.  I know that because I do it myself.  People crave trade secrets or personal tidbits of information that will help them become better at their hobbies or doing what they love.

The concept is simple.  Provide in demand information about something you know and are good at.  Create an ebook, website, blog or all three and monetize them for generating a passive income.

Don't make this harder than it really is.  I hear people all the time say they don't feel they're expert enough or technical enough to actually make money with their hobby.  That's stinkin' thinkin' my friend.  

How To Start making money with your Hobby?

1. Create a website or blog. 

It all starts with creating a website or blog.  You may want to simply create an informational blog or website about your hobby or expertise, but you'll also need to create a website even if you decide to write an ebook, as  your website will be your showcase for promoting your book.

There are many easy website builders that make it super simple to build a website or even a blog. 

BTW, blogs are perfect as informational hobby sites that you can make money with.  Here's an easy tutorial on how to create a Wordpress blog, step-by-step.  You can have your blog created and ready to go in just a few hours. 

2. Build a Following.  Visitors to your web site have to feel they can trust you and what you are telling them.  Trust is achieved by building a following and the best way to create a trusted following is by building an email list. 

Building an email list builds trust, confidence and establishes you as an authority in your hobby or niche. 

Here's more on how to create a targeted email list that will start building subscribers quickly.

3. Think Creatively.  Don't become another 'me too' site or blog.  Find an angle or an idea that sets you apart for the other sites. 

4. Get Traffic to your website.  There are hundreds of ways to get traffic to your website and web pages.  But it starts with offering content that people find useful and value.  

Next, your web pages need to be optimized so that the search engines will bring traffic to them naturally.  Search engine optimization is the best way to get free traffic, all you have to do if follow some simple key strategies. 

In fact here are 4 simple steps to writing effective SEO copy that you'll want to apply to all your web pages for better search engine ranking. 

5. Monetize your site.  This is how you will make money. There are many ways to monetize a website but once you have a loyal following and people see that you are a trusted site, you are in control.

Monetizing your website or blog is about finding products or services that complement your hobby.  If there are products you use you will want to mention them or write reviews about them. 

Any sales that you make can earn you a commission which is considered affiliate marketing, something very lucrative on the web. Other monetization methods include:

- Strategically place advertising on your site or blog. 

- Writing paid product or service reviews

- Placing Google Adsense Ads on your site

- Sell ad space

It's time to Just Do It!

Half the battle is getting started and making up your mind that you can do this.

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