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How To Create An e-Book

Anyone can learn how to create an e-book, but most people look at it as an unsurmountable task. 

Honestly, it's not hard to create an ebook but it does take discipline to sit down and write every day and commit to finishing your project. 

To get started, follow these 7 steps for how to create an ebook carefully.

1. Determine What Your ebook Will Be About? 

You'll first need a topic, obviously. If you have a topic, perfect, if not, here's how to find ideas. 

When you come up with an idea, think about the problems surrounding that idea.

For example what are the problems and how might you be able to fix or remedy them?   

As an example, here are a few profitable ebook topics that writers are making money with.

  • Weight Loss and Dieting 
  • Health (info for how to remedy common health problems) 
  • Fitness and Exercise (lifting things that are drooping and tightening things that are sagging) 
  • Beauty (reversing aging, removing hair, keeping hair, etc.) 
  • Love & Relationships (finding then, keeping them, getting over them) 
  • Making Money (online or offline, small business, finding jobs, etc) 
  • Sports & Recreation (helping people improve their game) 
  • Saving Money 
  • Parenting problems/concerns 

Need more ideas?  Check here for more tips on finding ebook ideas

2. Start Your Ebook Research

You'll need to research your topic.

Use a good keyword research tool like Wordtracker or use Google's free keyword research tool to help you find what areas of your topic people want to know about or need help with.

The internet is a great place to start but use a variety of resources like your local library and the bookstore.  I generally like to buy 2 or 3 books on the topic, read them and come up with my own ideas and conclusions.

3.  Start Writing Your eBook

Use a basic word processing tool like Microsoft word or even notepad.  It doesn't matter what tool you use at this point, simply start writing using whatever tool you feel comfortable with.

Start by creating an outline.  I like Jonathon Ledger's 'Write That Report'.  It's an easy method to follow for writing profitable reports or ebooks quickly.   For $7 it’s saved me a ton of time and aggravation getting my ideas and topics out of my head and onto the paper.

4. Distribute your rough draft

Once your rough draft outline is complete, distribute it among your friends and colleagues and solicit some honest feedback.

5. Edit your ebook

Nothing will destroy your reputation and prompt book returns more than a poorly edited ebook. This is something you'll want to get right the first time.

You can edit your book yourself, use friends or hire a professional.  It will probably depend on your budget but make sure your ebook makes sense logically, that the content is easy to understand and presents clear thoughts, and of course if free of spelling and grammar errors.

6. Formatting Your Ebook

There are several tools for formatting your e-book but it depends on how you want your ebook to look, display and how secure you want it to be.

I've used to create free ebooks for promotional or training purposes. Openoffice is nice because it has a free PDF creator, however Openoffice creates a PDF document that is not secure, in other words readers can cut and paste content which leaves you vulnerable to thieves. 

You can create a secure PDF document, that a reader cannot use the copy & paste feature with conv2pdf, however, this tool only allows  you to create 30 pages or less. 

For creating secure ebooks of any size, EBook Generator covers it all.  You can create secure ebooks that customers can view in their browsers.  The product is feature rich, affordable and super easy to use. 

7. Create you ebook cover

Once your ebook has been created,  you'll need a professional looking ebook cover.  You can hire someone to create an ebook cover for you or you can create a cover yourself using photoshop.

Honestly, I don't like either of those ideas, but I did find a much better solution that requires no Photoshop and creates professional looking ebook covers with just a few clicks.  It's called Ecover Creator.  What's even better is that this software costs significantly less than hiring a graphics designer, which typically costs anywhere from about $60 to $75  per cover. 

Your next step will be selling our ebook online.







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