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Instant Sales Letters 2.0 / Review

Instant Sales Letters 2.0 by Yanik Silver are just that, professionally written, proven to sell Instant Sales letters that you can quickly and easily create by filling in the blanks.

When it comes to sitting down and writing a comprehensive, compelling sales letter, it's tough, exhausting and requires a lot of mental energy, I know because I've had to do it. 

Writing even one great sales letter can work for you for many years to come but with all the time it takes to finally create a sales letter that actually does an adequate job of selling for me,  I have to say I've never been able to really successfully do it myself :-(

Don't get me wrong, I've tried. But it's not that I haven't learned something from reviewing sales letter templates and all the strategies for writing a good sales letter, I have, but putting it together and making it work precisely the way it needs to not only takes way too much time, honestly, I've not done that great of a job

That's when I turned to Instant Sales Letters by Yanik Silver.

I know where my expertise lies and writing effective sales letters isn't it.  A more valuable lesson that I've learned is to simply leave to the experts what they do best, that's why I chose and use instant sales letters.

Yanik Silver is the creator of Instant Sales Letters and he's someone I've followed online since the beginning of my career.  Yank is a natural born sales writer.  His sales letters have made him millions and he's done the same for many other online marketers. 

I can't yet say I've made millions but I've created powerful sales copy using instant sales letters for products I've generated, for much of my website copy, writing effective emails, capturing leads and follow up with customers and done it much more powerfully than I could have done myself.  

Instant Sales letters works by creating powerful, profit-producing sales letters just by filling in a few simple blanks.

In fact, with Yanik's Instant Sales Letters, he provides you with 19 different Website templates completely laid out for you with graphics and the things that will help you produce an effective sales letter immediately in both Word and HTML.

  • Sales copy for your website home page  
  • Order page copy 
  • Guarantee page copy  
  • A series of Alternative Headlines (in Word)  
  •  Samples of opt-in offers (in word)
  • A full website navigation plan with detailed instructions for customization

There are also copy templates written by professional copywriters, ready for you to "copy, paste, & customize" for your own private marketing needs.

Template categories include selling things like:

  • Art work, jewelry, crafts, etc.
  • Health Products
  • Fitness Products
  • Information Products
  • Self-Help Products
  • Software
  • MLM Recruiting
  • Coaching Service
  • Consultant
  • Marketing Services
  • Seminars
  • Membership or Subscriptions.
  • Online Retail Store
  • Local Service (B toB)
  • Restaurant

Don't drive yourself nuts with coming up with sales letter copy that doesn't make the cut, in my opinion it's too time consuming. Start with Instant Sales Letters 2.0.  The value of what you get versus what you're spending for the product is amazing. 

Instead of having to face a blank screen you' will be able to easily fill in a few blanks and find something to fit just about anything you' are doing. The original version was a smash hit and we' have spent dozens and dozens of man hours revising the new version.

Instant Sales Letters is not a membership site that you have to keep paying for month after month,  it's just a one-time charge, that's it.  But you get to keep the sales templates forever and continue profiting from it anytime you need it.

===> Here's where to find out more about Instant Sales Letters 2.0 by Yanik Silver.








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