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Learn to create your own money making minisite in just a few hours. Here's the mini site creator home study course product review.

Title: "Mini-Site Creator Home Study Course"

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From: The Desk Of Elizabeth McGee

Perhaps you're one of those people that wants to get started online but you just can't figure out exactly how to get a website up and running.  Or maybe you have a website but you're not making much money.

Whatever your situation, creating money making websites isn't hard, you just need to know how.

Anything is easy if you know how -- right?

I've created lots of websites, actually it's part of the business I enjoy the most, but there's lots of room for mistakes and I think I've made them all.  Putting up those graphics and making cute designs is fun but get them in the wrong order, say the wrong thing or confuse your viewer and you won't make a cent.

Jim Edwards' Mini Site Creator is one of the best courses I know of for creating a successful, money-making website that actually works.  He leaves no stone unturned and can teach literally ANYONE how to do it AND... you don't have to be a computer geek or spend a lot of money on software. 

Jim's success comes from being an ordinary guy who's figured out how to do something well but also discovered that he's a pretty good teacher as well. His videos add a spice of humor and he's a bit of a crack up but he offers thorough instruction and over-delivers on content. 

You won't be given a bunch of templates, links, information on software, a few tips and sent on your way.   His videos and audios provide you with over 42 hours of step-by-step instruction that literally takes you through what everything is and how it works. 

Also, I think videos are a much easier way to learn and understand.

Don't expect nifty, slick hi-tech videos either.  You'll notice that Jim's a pretty down to earth guy and is much more concerned with getting you the most information he can in the clearest, most understandable and relaxed way.

As the instructor Jim makes occasional click fumbles and a few "oops I forgot" moments, but that's what makes him fun and a joy to learn from.

Jim provides step-by-step instructions on:

  • Mini Site Formatting basics
  • How To Create a "Simple Newsletter" Mini-Site
  • How To Create Affiliate Mini-sites
  • How To Set Up Download Pages
  • How to tie Clickbank and / or PayPal into your mini-site
  • How to find appropriate domain names
  • How to set up thank you pages
  • Common design mistakes & how to avoid them
  • How to use follow-up autoresponders
  • How to create landing pages
  • How to Create squeeze pages
  • How to get traffic to your mini site
  • Jim also gives you the HTML software you need to create your mini-sites & step-by-step instructions on how to use it.

..and so much more

Upon completing the course, you'll be able to create minisites, or websites of any kind, from scratch, with confidence, and be able to understand hosting, ftp, domain names, making graphics, autoresponders, clickbank set up and a host of other goodies.

There's a money back guarantee, it's a tax write off and you'll get more information from Jim than from anywhere else, that I'm sure of.  Best of all, you'll learn from someone that actually knows what they are doing and has the expertise and ability to show you how to do it too. 

Creating your own money making mini-sites is not only profitable, it's fast and Jim makes it incredibly easy."

Here's To Your Success

"Click Here To Find Out More About "Mini-Site-Creator "

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