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Private Label Rights / PLR Content

Private label rights or PLR is content that gives you the right to use it as if it were your own.

You can modify it, add your own name to it or even sell it.

If you write for your web business, using PLR content for your website or blog is a quicker, cheaper than using a ghostwriter and much easier way to get your hands on content that has facts, ideas and information that you can easily customize as your own.

There's actually a ton of things you can do with PLR, in fact here are 20 more strategies for using PLR content that you'll love.

How Private Label Rights Content works

Quality private label rights content is content that you purchase. 

The content is not expensive, in fact it's extremely affordable.  It's also sold to a limited number of purchasers, this limits the amount of duplicate or scraped content on the web.

When purchasing PLR, never use it directly out of the box. Always customize it.

If you don't uniquely customize your PLR, you run the risk of having the exact same content that other websites have.  That means the search engines won't find your page as valuable, and the lesser the value of your content the poorer your ranking will be.   Very key.

Yes, some people don't customize their PLR so if you use the same content purchased by someone else and you each have your name on it without customizing it, the integrity of the content is lost.  

Customizing Your PLR content

Customizing PLR isn't hard. Simply add value to the content.  You can do that by adding your own ideas, experiences, comments and knowledge.

Here are a few tips to help you customize your PLR.

  • Insert your own personal ideas and tips into your PLR content to create articles for publication.
  • Create additional paragraphs expanding on each tip.
  • Add a personal story or your own personal experiences to the PLR content.
  • Use an article bundle to create one large article or even an email series for your email marketing campaign.
  • Bundle up two or three PLR content articles to create an ebook or free report.
  • Use the PLR content articles as additional information for your newsletter or blog.

Why use PLR content?

The best alternative to using ready made content is either write it yourself, which is time consuming, or hire a ghostwriter.

Not everyone has the time or even wants to create their own content and using a Ghostwriter can be expensive, around $15-$20 an article and PLR can be cheaper than that.

I often use ghostwriters to write content for me however in order to give the articles my own personal flavor I have to tweek them a little.  If I'm going to do that I may as well use PLR.   

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