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Selling On eBay

Selling on eBay is like a direct route to traffic and Sales

If you're trying to make money quickly online, selling on eBay is one of the easiest, straight forwards and direct ways to get started. 

eBay sells over $60 billion worth of products every year and serves over a million people buying and selling every day, so it's like having a direct route to automatic traffic and sales.

Getting started selling on eBay puts you at an advantage because they actually give you the platform for selling your products.  There's no guess work for how to create a site or figuring out how to set up a shopping cart, eBay does it all for you. 

Getting set up is even simpler with their easy to follow tutorials.  Simply create an account and follow the instructions. 

Free trial

Selling on eBay Starts with Profitable Products

If you're trying to figure out what to sell on eBay you can certainly sell the things you have laying around your house, or you can try your hand at buying products from a reliable eBay wholesale dropshipping supplier. 

If you're really stumped on what to sell, have a look at eBay's "What's Hot List".  This is a list of the hottest selling items on eBay, it also clues you in on just how well the items sell, very helpful info.

How To Boost Your Sales on eBay

Because eBay is such a popular and trusted platform, you have a sales advantage.  In fact eBay goes to great lengths to get you set up with a store and help you make the most sales you possibly can but as with any store, online or off, using effective selling and promotion strategies will boost your sales potential even further. 

 Here are a few sales strategies to consider.

  • Use Relevant product descriptions.

Use relevant and descriptive search terms in your listing's title.  

For example, if you are selling wooden walking sticks, a listing titled 'walking sticks' will draw fewer targeted buyers than a title that says 'historic wooden walking sticks' or perhaps 'carved wooden walking sticks'.

Being as specific as possible will help you better appeal to the shoppers that are most likely to make a purchase.

  • Create a Professional Listing.

Project a professional image by creating a professional listing. That includes making sure you have good, recognizeable pictures with a clear, well written item description. Save time and use eBay’s listing generator that will give you a nicely organized, sleek looking template for your listings. 

Where appropriate include a bulleted list in your description.  This makes it easy for your potential customers to quickly evaluate your item and it's short so it won't take up a lot of real estate on the page. If you can avoid it don't use multiple categories, you'll have to pay extra if you do so it you can simple pick the most descriptive category. 

  • Add video to your eBay auctions. 

A video is worth a thousand pictures. There's no extra cost to use video in eBay and it's easy to do.  Keep it simple. Don't make things complicated if you don't have to, a simple video will do.

Demonstrate your product and describe what makes it unique. Let your viewer get a good look at how it is made and what condition it is in.

State the features but also include the benefits your product can bring to a customer. In other words, how will your product make someone's life better or the task at hand easier.

Shipping Considerations When Selling on eBay

When Shipping your goods, don’t Inflate the Cost

One thing that turns me off more than anything on eBay is the item that costs a dollar to buy but has a $20 shipping cost. I think most customers can see through that, and more often than not sends them looking for the item elsewhere.

I personally would rather see a higher price on the product and have it come with free shipping. Potential bidders like free shipping. It's a popular option when shopping online.

Good shipping practices drive customer satisfaction. It improves your ratings and helps ensure buyers come back, so always over-deliver on shipping promises.

For example let's say you promise a buyer they will receive their items in 5-7 days.  Over-deliver on their expectations by getting their item to them in 3 days.

That always makes an impression on a buyer. They get their items sooner than they anticipated and you just became a hero.

Additionally always know how you will be shipping your items before you even list them. You will avoid the end-of-auction scramble and you'll be much better prepared to get the items out the door faster.

See the eBay dropshipping survival tips

Accepting Customer Payment

Avoid payment headaches and use PayPal when selling on eBay.  It's actually the one payment system that's most used and trusted on eBay.

Beware of various money orders that people sometimes use. There are U.S. money orders that can only be cashed at a U.S. Post office, not a big deal but if you're not expecting that, it could be a hassle to deal with. 

I'd suggest avoid accepting money orders altogether and simply stick with PayPal, it's safer and it's easy.

Selling on eBay is one of the easiest and most trusted ecommerce business ventures on the web. As you can see it's easy to get started, easy to maintain and because eBay is a trusted online platform, it has built in traffic and awesome sales potential.   

How To Get Set Up on eBay

I personally like eBay ProStores. They are an eBay Company designed for small sized businesses making it easy to sell products and services online through a fully customized Web store.

Selling on eBay is super easy with their step-by-step wizards that will help you design the look of your store, upload products, and set up shipping and sales tax information. eBay Pro stores also includes the following which takes the guess work and technical stress off of you.

  • Domain registration and hosting
  • Shopping cart
  • Secure, SSL-encrypted credit card processing
  • Integration with eBay and PayPal
  • Marketing and Merchandising Tools
  • Product catalog

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