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Thirdsphere Hosting / Review

ThirdSphere Hosting  is a website hosting service that gives you all the tools you need to design, automate and promote your online business easily and professionally.

For example, if you'll be running a web business and using tools like PHPBB (forum software) or creating a blog with Wordpress, Thirdsphere hosting has the interface to install those applications for you in about 10 minutes. Without these interfaces it could take you literally hours to complete.

What you won't get with ThirdSphere Hosting:

You won't get some "rinky dink" loosely put together web host that offers web space with so little features that you're going to have to shell out big bucks to get. Everything is included and there's plenty of easy to understand training and email support if you get stuck.

You won't be paying huge amounts of cash for an expensive dedicated server that makes you pay for space you don't need and has features so complicated that only an expert programmer can decipher them. I have 6 rather large web sites and I haven't run out of space yet, that includes my websites and emails ...and I get a lot of email!

There's no expensive tools or software to buy, no skills needed and no complex scripts to install. The control panel has it all there and it is easy to use.

So Many ThirdSphere Hosting Features and Benefits!

  • Instant account activation
    It takes only 5 minutes to sign up with ThirdSphere and your web hosting account will be activated instantly so that you can start uploading your website right from the very first day.
  • Disk space
    You will get 500 Megabytes of disk space in your account. This is more than enough to hold all the web pages, images, video and audio files, scripts, software programs, digital products and any other type of files you need to store on your website.
  • Bandwidth (Data transfer)
    30 gigabytes of data you are allowed to broadcast from your website.
  • Host multiple domain names ( My personal favorite :-)
    A one-time fee of just $10 for each domain name you add with no additional monthly fees.
  • Very Easy To Use Control Panel
    Your control Panel or CPanel has all your options and is super easy to figure out. You'll be able to access your email, website statistics, hosting options, guides, with this easy to use control panel.

  third sphere hosting

  • Web-based file manager
    Easily create, delete and move your files around. You can also use it to upload files from your computer to your website without using FTP; and if you need to quickly fix a web page, you can edit your HTML files on screen.
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts and aliases
    Create, configure, modify and delete an unlimited number of e-mail accounts; both POP accounts and e-mail aliases that redirect your messages to any existing e-mail account you choose, even if it's in a different domain.
  • Web based e-mail software
    Manage, read, send and reply to your e-mail messages directly from the web, from any computer with internet access, anywhere in the world.
  • Unlimited e-mail responders
    Set up any number of "on vacation" responders with ease. These work great to let people know you're away from your desk or inform old customers about a deleted e-mail account. And yes, you also get smart follow-up autoresponders with personalization and other features.
  • Integrated anti-virus software
    ThirdSphere's e-mail servers come armed with state-of-the-art virus scanning software. Whenever the system detects a virus in any incoming e-mail, it scans and deletes it before the harmful virus ever hits your inbox, and sends you a warning notice about the problem.
  • User defined SPAM blockers
    Stop spammers on their tracks with powerful e-mail filters with any criteria that you want.
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
    You will get full, unrestricted access to create as many databases as your business needs; these are powered by the rock-solid MySQL platform to be sure you get blazing fast access to your data records. You'll also be equipped with powerful database management software so you can visually control your databases.
  • Your own CGI-bin
    You can configure and run any scripts compatible with the Linux operating system (cgi, perl, XML, PHP, etc).
  • Detailed website statistics
    Your account is configured with 3 web statistic reporting packages that tell you in fine detail about your traffic: how much you have, where it's coming from and how it's moving through your site.
  • Password protected pages
    You can password protect your pages so only certain users or subscription users can access your site.  
  • Secure server space
    Get unlimited usage of secure server space to host your order forms. Use it to transfer sensitive information privately and deliver your products safely. You can also install and use your own secure certificate.
  • Custom error pages
    No more ugly 404 error pages.  You can set up your own error pages.
  • One-button backup and 24/7 monitoring systems
    Each server is closely watched and monitored to ensure the maximum reliability. You also have a point-and-click personal backup system so you can create an instant copy of all your website files, databases, scripts, etc., \
  • Email Help Center and Support ticketing - No email or phone support

Cost:  is $24.95 a month.

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ThirdSphere Update

I loved using ThirdsphereHosting, they were professional and I never experienced any down time. 

I did however make the switch from Thirdsphere to Hostgator due to Thirdsphere's policy of delayed support.   ThirdsphereHosting allows only support ticketing. There is no instant messaging or phone support, meaning I could not expect anyone to get back to me for several hours. 

Thirdsphere would be ideal for someone who can get by without ever needing assistance, but this would not work for me.

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