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'Turn Words Into Traffic' by Jim Edwardsturn your words into traffic

Don't pay for traffic!

'Turn Words Into Traffic' is about getting you free, targeted traffic to your website without paying for it!

This is not about using black hat traffic methods, safe lists or banner tricks. It's a proven method for using articles to get free targeted traffic.

Do articles still work? You betcha!  

The word has gotten around that article marketing is dead.  Nothing could be further from the truth. However, with search engines cracking down on junk content, that's true for a lot of article marketers.  That's because they simply don't know how to write articles that turn their words into traffic.

Jim's Turn Words into Traffic method  is based on writing quality, useful articles that will quickly spread over the internet attracting targeted visitors to your site.  

But the real beauty of Jim's system is your articles will have momentum, meaning they will keep on attracting visitors for months and years. 

That's powerful because that's how you'll generate a steady flow of income without paying for advertising.

What Turn Words Into Traffic is Really About

This is not a guide for simply writing and distributing articles. That's actually what most people do and they fail miserably.

There's no HTML manipulation or strange scripts to install either.

This is about how to effectively and consistently write articles that get attention, get read, and get passed around.

If you follow Jim's method, thousands of people will be seeing your articles, reading your articles and clicking on the link in your resource box at the end of the article. When they do that they'll visit your website, and purchase your products because you'll be turning your words into traffic.

Note:  The majority of articles out there don't interest the reader enough to get them through the whole article, much less get them to the resource box.

- This is about how to write articles that people will read and be excited to pass on and/or publish in their ezines.

- You'll find out how to write your articles so they effectively promote your products or services. 

-You'll be able to create bylines and resource boxes that compel clicks just about every time.

- You'll find out how to distribute your articles all over the web using Jim's clever methods and resources.

From working with people online for several years now, I've noticed they're often afraid to write, so they spend tons of money on advertising, or in many cases, they do nothing at all.

Don't be discouraged by that.  If you talk, you can't write articles. BUT, you'll go a lot farther a lot faster if you have a well developed, well written, step-by-step system that guides you and Turn Words Into Traffic does that for you.

Article marketing is not dead. In fact it's still the cheapest, fastest and most reliable way of getting free traffic to any website.

But if you're holding back, for whatever reason, Turn Words Into Traffic will boost your confidence by getting you tons more traffic and sales if you follow the methods Jim lays out for you.  

  • Format: Downloadable Ebook -150+ pages
  • Price: $39
  • 60 day Money Back Guarantee! I don't buy without it and neither should you.   

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