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What Online Copywriters Do Wrong

I write copy myself every day, and from my experiences this is what online copywriters do wrong. 

If you can avoid these mistakes, your copy will bring targeted traffic, generate interest and in turn make you more sales.  

Many Copywriters Don't Know Their Target Market

Good copywriters know exactly who they’re writing to before they ever starting their copywriting.

They speak directly to ONE person and keep that same person in mind throughout the whole writing process.

If you try to reach too many people with your copy you’ll end up missing your target altogether and not reaching anyone at all.

Before starting to write, know exactly who you’re writing to, and fully understand  what their interests are, what their lifestyle is like, and what they do or don't like.  

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How To Make Money Copywriting


Copywriters Often Use Headlines That don't grab attention

Your copy's headline is what attracts your reader to your copy. If it doesn't get their attention quickly you've lost that reader for good.

Learn how to write a headline that attracts attention that accurately describes in just a few simple words what the copy or article is about, make sure it includes a benefit.

For example, 'weight loss tips' won't grab attention like a title that says:

  '3 weight loss tips for losing 10 pounds in one week' 

Follow your main headline with sub-headlines throughout the copy to keep the reader intrigued and interested.

Copywriter Don't Write Copy that is Search Engine Optimized

In order to help your copy be recognized by the search engines and rise in the search engine ranks when up against other copy, you'll need to write copy that is search engine optimized.

To write effective SEO copy you'll need to do 4 things.

  • Choose the best keyword phrases for your copy and use them efficiently within your copy.
  • Write headlines that grab attention and write copy that keeps readers interested.
  • Understand you target market
  • Connect with your reader emotionally

As you can see SEO copy isn't just about the search engines. Copy and search engine experts alike agree that if you can write to appeal to your reader, you'll also be giving the search engines what they need as well.

Copywriters Don't Know how to use Persuasion techniques

The best way to persuade your reader is to put yourself in their shoes.  Articulate how you think they must feel and then offer them a solution or a remedy.

Use words to persuade your audience like:

  • act now
  • all in one
  • easy to use, understand or create
  • convenient
  • most trusted
  • minimal work

Use these 6 copywriting tips for persuading customers

Copywriters will Often Use Big, Complicated Words

Online copywriting is different that English class writing.

Writing for the internet is casual and needs to convey a clear purpose. You need to speak to the person as though you’re sitting down with them and chatting over a coffee… stay away from big words and long adjectives.

People read online all day, they want to get to the point of what they are reading quickly and without a lot of jargon that will lose them.

Copywriters Don't Use Testimonials

If you love your product that’s great, but it’s biased.

Your readers prefer to hear from unbiased people who have used your product. Include customer testimonials in your copy that features the person’s full name, picture and website URL if they have one.

 The more information your testimonial includes the more persuasive and believable it will be.

Copywriters Don't Emphasize What's In It for the Customer

Effective online copywriting should be focused on the needs of the customer. The writer doesn’t really matter.

Now and then it's a good idea to add a little personal information about yourself in order to help convey a point or maybe build trust between you and your reader, but the objective is to stay focused on what's in it for them.

A good rule of thumb is to go through your copy and see how many "I's" you see. If there are too many then it’s time for a some tweaking.  

There's No Call To Action

Readers like to be guided, so be clear about what you expect your visitors to do. If you want them to click a link and look at your product, say so, and say so in a clear way which promotes all the benefits of your products.

For example,

Click here to learn how you can lose those last 10 pounds and keep it off for good

Be precise in your wording and always include a clear call to action.

In Summary...

Don't just write copy, write persuasive copy. Use the strategies for writing copy that gets attention.

Remember to focus on the needs and desires of the reader, give reasons for why you suggest what you do and most of all, be candid and honest. It will go a long way for establishing trust and building long standing business relationships.









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