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WordTracker Review

Highly Recommended Keyword Analysis Research Tool

The Wordtracker keyword analysis tool is by far one of the best keyword research tools for helping webmasters identify keywords and phrases that are most likely to be used as queries by search engine visitors.

The Wordtracker service is an ideal tool for helping you select just the right keywords and keyword phrases needed for optimal Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click advertising, article promotion, writing web pages, sales pages, you name it, any application that requires finding keywords that promote your business online, Wordtracker does the job.

I've used Wordtracker for several years now to identify high performing keywords which ultimately leads me to higher search engine rankings, and higher ranking almost always means increased website traffic.

Wordtracker works by compiling search terms using a database of 340 million search queries. You enter a keyword and it will tell you how often people search for the keywords and how many competing sites use those keywords. 

If you are looking for the best keyword phrases for your web pages Wordtracker also provides a handy keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) that will help you find keywords that have a high search count but few competing web pages, this is extremely useful for helping you find the keywords that will boost your page rankings within the search engines.

Wordtracker also helps you determine what current business markets are hot by providing you a list of the most frequently searched terms. You'll spot the trends before your competition does.

And of course there's the Wordtracker Academy that reveals lessons on effective keyword research and search engine optimization, truly invaluable information.

wordtracker review

Looking for a niche market? Wordtracker comes to the rescue again. You'll be able to enter a keyword topic and Wordtracker will help you find related topics. These related topics will help you see the finer niches that people are searching for helping you discover a lesser tapped into niche.

With your Wordtracker service you will also receive the 1000 most frequently searched words on the net.  If you need to you can also purchase additional reports with the top 10,000, 20,000 or 100,000 busiest keywords.  This is an excellent tool for anyone using Google Adsense for revenue. 


Benefits of Using Wordtracker:

  • Drives organic search traffic to your website by finding you the best keywords for your website content, title tags, URLs. 
  • Increase profits for your pay-per-click campaigns by building a broad range of the most relevant keyword phrases for your products, services or market. 
  • Connect traditional media campaigns to online marketing using keywords to reinforce offline marketing messages online through search. 
  • Lets you accurately measure the size of an online market by giving you the numbers of searches for keywords, you'll also be able to better create new revenue streams by finding popular keywords, this can be done to inspire new product and service ideas. 
  • Wordtracker keyword analysis research will show you your chances of being listed in the top 10. This greatly widens your sales potential.

I use Wordtracker in conjunction with Google's free Keyword tool and have found that together they give me all the data I need for finding the best keywords for my businesses.  

I can subscribe to Wordtracker whenever I need it, daily, weekly monthly or yearly. I actually purchase the yearly subscription because I use it for everything, my sites, blogs, articles and sales pages.  Because of all these uses I need a tool that can give me accurate keyword statistics, I can't complain about how it has helped me rank better in the search engines.

If you'd like to test out the service there is a Wordtracker free trial that can get your started.

Customer Testimonials:    

"If you are serious about search engine optimization, then WordTracker is an essential investment, a must have resource for any search engine marketing professional. It combines both a respectable search term database with tools that make mining the information easy."

"I wanted to say how invaluable your resource is for researching proper placement on the web. It saves me hours of work!"

"Your reports are eye-openers for me. I see that I've been targeting the wrong kinds of keyword phrases in a few places and I need to make some adjustments."

"I have used Wordtracker for the past month and have found it a tremendous resource to get great words that are not used much by the competition. I never would have found these words without your help. I look forward to using your search system for the next year to great advantage for my own sites and for client sites to get the best words for search engine and directory placement."


System Requirements: Access to Wordtracker is via an Internet connection. It is a subscription service.

Free Trial: Yes

You can obtain a Wordtracker Subscription as follows:

 Subscription     (£)Price    ($)Price
 1 Day     £4.20     $7.65
 1 Week     £14.00     $25.50
 1 Month     £28.00     $50.99
 3 Months     £69.00     $125.66
 1 Year     £140.00     $254.95

Affiliate Advantages: If you offer internet marketing services, you can join Wordtracker's affiliate campaign and begin collecting great commissions on this extremely popular tool!

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