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Why do certain websites get more traffic and make more sales than other websites?

It's their copy!

If you have your own  internet home business and have your own website or blog, you'll need good writing skills for developing your web pages, sales pages, blog posts, emails, and articles.

Every business, online or off, has to be able to write compelling copy.  But most important of all, it has to compel readers to BUY and many copywriters miss the mark on that. 

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How To Make Money Copywriting

Writing Web Copy that is Search Engine Optimized

Search engine optimization is the other half of writing effective web copy.  You may have great copy that compels readers to buy but if your content is not optimized with the basic elements that the search engines look for, your pages won't receive favorable search engine ranking meaning no one will see them. 

Click here for the Search engine optimization strategies that will optimize your copy for the search engines.  

Next, check out these 6 online copywriting tips for how to craft your copy so that you will effectively target your market and deliver what your readers want to hear.

What If You're Not Great at Writing Copy or Simply Don't Like to Write?

Anyone can learn how to write great web copy. The beauty of writing for the web is that it's easier than writing for other mediums.  It's more like writing to a friend or writing a letter to someone you know.  

Besides, writing in 'text speak' that's boring and uninteresting doesn't work well on the web. Your copy needs to be unique, have a personal flavor, be interesting and useful.

As you write more and more copy for your website and as you produce more and more articles you'll soon adapt a style of writing that will easily flow and will become easier to write.

If writing just isn't your thing, find a ghostwriter. A good ghostwriter is still affordable. A good article or web page costs about $15-$25. You can get about 4 quality, SEO optimized articles for about $100, which can go a long way when it comes to attracting quality traffic and sales.

The other option is to use PLR or private label rights content.  I use PLR quite a bit.

Never use PLR right out of the box.  This type of private label content is made to customize with your own comments, ideas and personal stories, but the real beauty of PLR is that it gives me topic ideas and a basic format that I can simply customize any way I like. 

I can produce a PLR article that's ready to use on my site or post to an article directory in about 20 minutes. Creating an article from scratch will usually take me over an hour.

Copywriting Resources I've used to develop my writing Skills

Online Copywriting 101 - Online copywriting that is affordable, understandable, and exceptional.

AWAI Accelerated Six Figure Copywriting Course
If you can write like you talk and follow some simple, yet powerful techniques, you can create a life where you’ll enjoy the kind of personal and financial freedom most people only dream about.  This course designed for individuals that want a serious career in copywriting.

Search Engine Copywriting with Karon Thackston
Excellent home study course for quickly understanding and applying the methods for achieving top search engine ranking for online business owners.

How To Write a Good Article
Learn how to write a good article, it will become your ticket to non-stop, targeted free traffic.

Writing Sales Letters
Writing a winning sales letter can be frustrating.  It take practice, patience and plenty of skill.  Here's how I overcame that handicap, some call it cheating, I call it a blessing ;-)

How to Write a Product Review
Tips and Ideas on how to write a product review that is not only persuasive but also gives the reader the information they need to make an informed decision.

How to write an ebook
Information tips and tools for writing your very own ebook and getting it out to the masses.







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