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How I Finally Began Writing Sales Letters That Sell

Writing sales letters has always been an important part of my online business, but I've never enjoyed anything less.

In fact I wrote a sales letter several years ago that was so bad I received an email from an expert writer offering to rewrite my letter for me.

Unfortunately I took him up on the offer, but more on that in a minute.

I use to think knowing how to write a sales letter meant that either you had the talent for it or you didn't, but that's really not true. 

Anyone can learn to write a sales letter that makes sales, you just need the strategies, a good sales letter format, the time and the energy. 

Unfortunately the strategies and the format aren't always enough, you still need the time, considerable thought and the energy to test, change and test some more. 

I do write a lot of my own sales letters, in fact I prefer it when I have the time but if I'm in a hurry or have writers block, I admit, I look for alternatives.  

 So what are the alternatives?   I turn to pre-written instant sales letters.  

Call it cheating, but I love using these types of letters because I can quickly and easily create a sales letter guaranteed to sell my products without the aggravation, frustration and added time of doing it on my own.

In fact these sales letters say all the things that compel people to buy, sign up for a newsletter, recruit someone or whatever it is you want to write your sales letter to do, and it can do it over and over again, which is what they do for me and my products.  They literally keep me in business.

The sales letters I use came from Yanik Silver's Instant Sales Letters package. Yanik is an amazing internet and sales marketer, so I know and trust his expertise. Just read his hundreds of testimonials and you'll understand why yourself.

Remember I told you above about a professional who offered to write my sales letter page for me? Well, I took him up on the offer.

The individual wrote me a sales letter that I paid a small fortune for and what I got was something that was no better than what Yanik provides in his instant sales letter package. 

In fact I often wonder if he got the letter from Yank's package :-|  As far as I'm concerned that was money wasted. Live and learn I guess.

I personally think writing a winning sales letter is tough, especially if you're starting out online.  If you don't have the background or the sales wherewithal, it's tough to make sales with your writing. 

I've gotten better at it over the years and when I really put my mind to it I can crank out a pretty compelling letter,  but that's probably because I've been at it for so many years. 

If you can't wait that long, pre-written, sales worthy, fill in the blanks sales letters can be a real life saver.

As far as I'm concerned, dollar-for-dollar, nothing provides a better return on investment than writing a sales letter or creating sales copy that can sell for you over and over again -  that's what Instant Sales Letters can do. 

If you can relate to my story, take a look at Yanik's Instant Sales Letters package. 

Yanik has just improved the package with Instant Sales Letters 2.0 that now includes 19 different Website templates laid out for you -- and with graphics I might add :-)

The new 2.0 package now includes:

  • New sales copy for your home page, in both HTML & Word
  • Order page copy, in both HTML & Word
  • Guarantee page copy, in both HTML & Word
  • A series of Alternative Headlines (in Word)
  • Sample opt-in offers (in Word)
  • A full website navigation plan (and you get detailed instructions for customizing your copy)
  • 65 Direct Mail Letter Templates, all updated and 6 Joint Venture Letters, updated.
  • A copy Doodles Pack where you get 50 proven, hand drawn doodles and call-outs to make your sales copy really stand out.
  • There are original bullet points, guarantee bursts, order buttons, etc., and you can easily mix & match graphics between the copy packs to create original looks for your letters.
  • A special updated 'education' section
  • All-new 'Customized Marketing Campaigns' report detailing how to make the right offer at the right time to prospects and customers. And it includes 19 examples of proven offers you can use right now.

=== > Here's my full review of Instant Sales Letters 2.0








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