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Xsitepro - Super Easy Website Builder

xsitepro reviewNeed a website builder that 's easy to use and builds professional looking websites too?  

That's what I was looking for when I switched to Xsitepro after using Dreamweaver. In fact, Xsitepro has been an awesome alternative to Dreamweaver, which I found expensive and cumbersome to use.

This site was created using Xsitepro!

Inside the Xsitepro software package you'll find all the same tools other popular site builders have to easily organize, optimize and customize your website, but it's not confusing like so many other site builders, and Xsitepro is extremely affordable!

Installation was a cinch. I simply downloaded the software from the easy to follow instructions provided, then I reviewed the training videos which anyone, regardless of your online experience, can understand. 

XsitePro is Simple but NOT Simplistic

Xsitepro might be one of the most popular, easy website builders to use, but it's not a simplistic, unsophisticated website builder lacking in professional quality.

The Xsitepro software is intuitive and has tons of design features that allow you to create a professional looking website that your site visitors will find easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye and looks professional.

After using and evaluating other site builders like Dreamweaver for example, the biggest difference is that Xsitepro is much easier to figure out and use. That saves me time and certainly aggravation.  In fact, I can build a brand new website using Xsitepro in about 20 minutes, minus adding my content.

I actually have fun experimenting with their free header graphics, which BTW you can get without purchasing Xsitepro.

They also offer lots of cool navigation choices and design options that come with the software and you can swap out designs with just a few clicks of your mouse, it's that easy.

Evaluate the features of Xsitepro yourself and see if you don't find it one of the best on the web.

Before I get to the list of Xsitepro's features, and there are several, the best feature I think is the page analysis.  This feature will analyze each page of your website and tell you exactly what your page needs to rank well in the search engines. 

That's important because search engines rank web pages, not web sites, so for example if your site has 50 pages, you have 50 chances to rank well in the search engines if you know how to optimize each page, and Xsitepro will make sure of that. 

Easily insert advertising options for Google Adsense, Amazon and others. 

  • Cool graphics for payment buttons and 'guarantee' buttons.   
  • Global scripts for easily adding things like Google Analytics code.  
  • Easily create pop-ups and site search forms.   
  • Easily insert social network links.   
  • Page scheduling feature for publishing pages on a date/time that you specify comes standard with Xsitepro.  
  • Wizards that easily add audio, video, dates, countdowns, email cloakers, jumping text, popups, banners, add to favorites buttons, password redirects, random quotes and more. 
  • If you're interested in creating a membership site, Xsitepro can handle those very well too. In fact there is a feature within Xsitepro to create pages with .php extensions which works well with membership scripts.   

Evaluate the features of Xsitepro yourself and see if you don't find it one of the best on the web.  

Watch These Videos and See For Yourself How Easy It is to create your site with Xsitepro

These 5 videos demonstrate how Xsitepro takes the hard work out of building a website:

Video 1: The 10 simple steps you can have a great looking, auto-updating RSS feed on your web page.
Video 2: Here's how easy Xsitepro makes it to insert graphics, text boxes, buttons, headlines, highlighted text and text styles on your web site.

Video 3: Token features of XSitePro. In the right hands, your only limit is your imagination!

Video 4: The XSitePro built-in features for creating stunning visual effects for your website.

Video 5: How you will design all of your Web pages without having to write a single line of code, using the a full-blown WYSIWYG editor.

What Types of Sites Can You Build with Xsitepro?

  • Single page sales letters  
  • Squeeze Pages  
  • E-commerce sites  
  • Membership or subscription sites  
  • AdSense sites  
  • Affiliate sites  
  • Specialized niche sites  
  • Hobby sites  
  • Information sites   


What I Personally Love About Xsitepro.

  • No more web programmers or SEO experts. I have complete, expert control. I can do it all myself, and it's easy. 
  • I can build a new site in about 20 minutes, minus the content. 
  • Xsitepro's training videos explain how to do everything step-by-step. I'm a visual learner so that's perfect for me. 
  • My sites are easy to update and change. Header, navigation and ad changes can be done with just a few clicks. 
  • There's no service to log into, I own the software. 
  • There's no risk to me with their 365 day - no questions asked - money back guarantee.  
  • I can build an unlimited number of websites.  There are no additional licensing fees. The software is good for building as many websites as I want and all upgrades are free.

Check out the 2010 Xsitepro website design competition. These are just a few examples of the cool websites created with Xsitepro.

<a href="">LinkedTube</a>


Product Type:  Downloadable software Xsitepro V2

Price:  $197 / Unlimited Websites & Support

Here's my latest Xsitepro Review

===> Learn More About Xsitepro 








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